Cameron’s long serving subbie steps up commitment

A respected linehaul driver for Glen Cameron Group has been entrusted with a new Super B combination.

Joining Cameron Interstate in 1997, Neil Beattie was one of the first linehaul subcontractors the Melbourne-based freight carrier employed. That arm of the business now includes hundreds of drivers, trucks and trailers.

Beattie, who has been operating heavy vehicles for 40 years, commands four trucks of his own providing a nightly linehaul service for Glen Cameron Group shuttling up and down the Hume Highway.

Trucks and truck technology have rapidly advanced over the last four decades. For Beattie, this was made evident like never before by attending the 2019 Brisbane Truck Show.

“Climbing up into this enormous Actros 2663 Mercedes-Benz cab, with no dash or gauges, it just looked like iPads or something similar,” he said.

“I remember thinking never in my lifetime would I live to see something so futuristic and tht if the opportunity ever presented itself I would definitely love to buy one of these trucks,” said Beattie.

At the first opportunity he jumped at the chance of taking it for a test run between Melbourne and Sydney.

“It just walked up the steep climbs easily pulling 60 tonnes with a level of comfort like I haven’t felt in my 40 something years of driving trucks, so I was sold, I just needed an opportunity,” recalled Beattie.

A conversation with Denis Blaney at Glen Cameron Group about new PBS-approved Super B-double trailers soon followed.

These would incorporate a 42 pallet double drop 4.6 metres high with 68 tonne gross capacity.

“Doing a shuttle service every night between Melbourne and Sydney was a perfect fit for the Mercedes-Benz Actros 2663, so now I’ve bought the truck and Cameron’s have bought the trailers and I guess I’ll just continue to do more of the same as what I’ve been doing for Cameron’s for the last 23 years,” Beattie said.

Despite the uncertainty of the national economy Beattie said his considerable investment is about making a long term commitment.

“It’s a lot of money to borrow but, this is truck number ten that I’ve brought over the last 23 years working for Cameron’s,” he said.

“I’ve always been paid each and every week, they never a miss, and I’ve always felt like I’ve worked in a family business. Cameron’s have always done the right thing by me, I respect them and it’s a true partnership.”

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