Carrier Supra 1250

Carrier has introduced new refrigerated temperature-controlled models to replace the Supra 950, which the company says was among its best-selling units.

The latest additions to Australia’s rigid body builder market available include the Carrier Supra 1150 and Supra 1250, with the latter representing the ‘largest’ capacity unit it has released in Australia.

“The Supra 1150 and Supra 1250 are also available in “X” or “Silent” models for low noise operation,” Carrier says. “Each unit is also available in multi-temp for multiple temperature zones in one vehicle.

According to Carrier, the Supra 1250 can boast up to 13 per cent higher capacity 26 per cent higher airflow and up to four per cent lower fuel consumption from the previous models.

For more information visit the Carrier website.

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