Days of Thunder

Named after Japan’s all-powerful military leaders, as appointed by the emperor, who ruled the country for centuries until 1869, the Shogun according to Read more

Loading up on service

“I never wanted to be the biggest float company, I just wanted to be the best float company,” says Peter Taylor, the Managing Read more

Top of the heap

With a good swathe of this vast country consisting of thickly forested mountainous and outback desert regions accessible only by all-wheel-drive vehicles, it Read more

Local Heroes

In 1916, three Cleary brothers started a business, with John Joseph ‘Jack’ Cleary leading the way. His leadership transformed Cleary Bros from an Read more

Testing times

There have been a number of evaluations targeting fuel efficiency through the use of different lubricants in recent years, with most, if not Read more

Here for the long haul

Brothers Jack and Felix Lopez purchased their first truck in 1929 to pick up fruit and vegetables from the markets to be delivered Read more

Night Moves

Picture a golf cart headed towards a stage in an enormous room, as it winds its way through a crowd of 3000 people, Read more

Delivering the goods

Trucks that make compelling cases for ease of operation and low maintenance in urban delivery applications are half way themselves to delivering the Read more

Final Mile: Isuzu Tradepack

Isuzu has responded to customer feedback and its range of ‘takeaway trucks’ has continued to grow, especially following the demise of the locally Read more

White line fever

To support a new water blasting machine sourced from the United States in 2010, Image Linemarking purchased a twin steer P400 8×4 LB. Read more