Steering Clear

For a number of operators in Australia, including Martins Stock Haulage, the heavy-duty truck and engine of choice is non-negotiable: It is, quite simply, Cummins-powered Kenworth. Read more

Grand National

From 1986 Chris and Jayne Harrison operated a plasterboard supply business to the building industry around the NSW South Coast town of Nowra. Read more

Edge of Tomorrow

Most Australians live under the assumption that it is easy to send and receive items through the mail, without even considering the vast sophisticated organisation which ensures the timely delivery of letters and parcels. Read more

Dash Landing

What happens when one of your drivers is involved in a collision? He swears the other vehicle swerved in front of him, but the other driver blames him, and there are no independent witnesses.

Read more

Blue Sky Mining

Drivetrain Australia, the local distributor for Canadian-manufactured Kovatera underground mining service vehicles, will receive its first Kovatera, the battery-electric version of the diesel-powered KT 200, in Australia this year. Read more

Zero Effect

Australian High Productivity Vehicles like B-doubles, roadtrains and PBS combinations have a unique set of challenges and opportunities when it comes to Zero Emissions. Read more

Pick a Box

According to a recent report from NSW Ports, almost half (42 per cent) of all goods found in a typical Sydney household are imported via shipping containers through the facilities at Port Botany. Read more

The Burn Ultimatum

Let’s face it, with the latest Euro 6 and forthcoming Euro 7 compliant diesel engines featuring supremely advanced technology that essentially turns them into giant vacuum cleaners, releasing exhaust with fewer particulates into the atmosphere than the air they take in, the last bastion of purity that can be conquered is eliminating carbon emissions. Read more

Practical Magic

Specifically designed and engineered for the collection and disposal of various liquids and debris, vac trucks as they are commonly known, have been instrumental in changing the way many excavation projects such as trenching and under road boring are being performed across Australia. Read more

Ice House

Formed two years ago on the provision that it would become the exclusive ISOKIT distributor for Australia, Eurocold offers long- and short-term rental solutions for cold chain food businesses on a steep upwards growth trajectory. Read more