Sunset Limited

The release last December of the Isuzu Future of Trucking Report, the first by the leading commercial vehicle manufacturer, helped to outline the case for continued growth in last mile demand which was providing significant opportunities for fleets of all sizes despite recent unprecedented challenges.

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Coming Clean

Containers arriving in Australia from overseas ports are subject to biosecurity requirements and procedures to ensure the threat of exotic pests and diseases are eliminated during their clearance. Read more

Concrete Plans

“Every time you move a heavy vehicle in a metro area there’s a risk attached,” says Scott Barber. Read more

Euro Vision

For lack of any real rail infrastructure in Canberra, the task of the domestic supply chain to deliver goods in and out of the nation’s capital, for the better part of five decades, has fallen on commercial road transport. Read more

Expanding Horizons

It was around 2006, while completing due diligence on a Toll Holdings project that CTFD CEO David Cameron learned that leading trailer builders Mick and Paul Vawdrey were considering an expansion into Western Sydney. Read more

Haul Rise

Hauling gross combination masses (GCM) of up to 240 tonnes up steep inclines requires axles and drivelines of Herculean proportions. Read more

Staying Ahead of the Curve

As the industry continues to gain more confidence in the PBS system and the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator (NHVR) that controls it, more innovative larger PBS combinations are hitting the roads around Australia. Read more

Automatic for the People

From the outset Bidfood has partnered with Hino as a one-stop-shop supplying fully built trucks to its branches all over Australia. Read more

Legends of the Haul

Paul Bennet is adept at running his three diverse businesses involving road freight, fibreglass supplies and aviation. Read more

Wheels of Fortune

In spite of a decidedly lacklustre year on a number of fronts, the uptake of Performance-Based Standards (PBS) by a broad cross section of the trucking industry has continued unabated as operators seek out ways to improve productivity and efficiency. Read more