The Diff is in the Detail

SRH Milk Haulage was founded in October 1996 by Scott and Regina Harvey with one truck and one trailer, following the attainment of a contract with Dairy Farmers to deliver milk to its factory at Hexham near Newcastle. Read more

Signature Move

From their base in Hervey Bay north of Queensland’s Sunshine Coast, Reid Removals services the nation’s entire east coast with additional depots in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne and regular weekly services between Melbourne to Cairns. Read more

West Side Story

The maturing of Esperance, the idyllic hamlet on a protected patch of coastline on the Great Australian Bite, as a destination for key industry was a century in the making. Read more

Masters and Apprentices

Australia’s well-publicised battle to develop and retain skilled labour has been consistent, since a Federal Government inquiry into skills shortages in 2002. Read more

Unpacking the High Spec Hino

The new Hino 700 Series is the latest chapter in the comprehensive evolution of the entire Hino truck range and incorporates a number of significant advances in terms of safety and mechanical technologies. Read more

Fifth Dimension

An aftermarket resultant from global supply chain shortages and sharp uptake in incentivised commercial vehicle orders differs in scope and size from that to which the industry is accustomed. Read more

Reservoir Dogs

Regional transport businesses have long had an intrinsic value for the communities in which they reside. Read more

Sea Change

To most people change doesn’t come easy. There’s a certain sense of comfort that comes from familiarity; and fear of the unknown often drives humans to stick to a particular course of action rather than face the reality that things aren’t ideal and need to change. Read more

Custom Made

The demand from Australian consumers for imported goods has never been higher, nor has the export of local products been more important. Read more

Call of Duty

Freight deliveries, whether pallets or parcels, don’t just happen. Read more