Papers in the Wind

Fleet managers, operators and those working in roles across Australia’s transport industry, according to Teletrac Navman Chief Product Officer, Andrew Rossington, know all too well the time-consuming burden of wading through stacks of paper documents and workbooks. Read more

All Systems Go

Step Global was established 12 years ago as a specialist GPS and telematics technology provider for systems integrators. Some years back a number of these systems integrators came to the company and asked it to build an EWD. Read more

Marching Orders

Growing up in New Zealand, Garry Morris spent a lot of time around his father’s trucks, cranes, piling and earthmoving equipment. Read more

Bravo Company

Up until 2005 Luke Ashton had been a manager for a major national freight company and was encouraged by friends and family, including wife Rebecca, to strike out on his own, which he did with a 14-pallet rigid truck. Read more

Road Ready

Netstar is an Australian-based hardware and software developer focused on GPS and telematics solutions. Read more

Into the Breach

The shift to the electronic work diary (EWD) in Australian commercial road transport is a seismic event for an industry that is hungry for the safest solutions for drivers, precious cargo and other road-users. Read more

Super Space Age

When Kelvyn Fuller first took to the road driving trucks in the late 1960s most things were vastly different in Australian road transport compared with today. Read more

Skip Tracer

Troy Hayes prefers not to consider his operation as part of the waste industry. Read more

National Security

In the last 18 months Penske Truck Leasing has increased its pursuit of long term fully maintained operating leases which in the US, represents 70 per cent of the company’s revenue. Read more

Endless Possibilities

There’s no doubt that the global telematics market is growing rapidly as fleet managers seek to gain maximum knowledge about every aspect of the vehicles under their control. Read more