Investing in safety projects for the future

In the last ten years, we have significantly matured in our understanding of heavy vehicle road safety and the importance of positive physical and mental health across the supply chain, helping to drive better outcomes. Read more

Supply chains are a ‘people business’ and the pressure is on

Skilled workforce shortages were a problem pre-pandemic, but the closure of international borders has further impacted the ability of employers to recruit staff in areas ranging from truck driving to the engineering skills necessary to deliver sophisticated infrastructure. Read more

Mental health as a core business value

The nature of work in the logistics industry is unique and comes with some inherent challenges — long hours, shift work, social isolation to name only a few. Read more

A new record?

At December year end 2007, a new all-time heavy vehicle sales record was set in Australia, with 38,131 new truck sales. Read more

Truck development over 40 years

Reading an industry magazine of the recent retirement of an industry identity took my mind back to meeting him early in the 1980s and the state of the industry back then. Read more