A million and more but who’s counting?

Nearly a decade ago a number of ARTSA members got together to try and solve a riddle – how many heavy vehicles are on the road? (Spoiler alert: it’s passed 1 million late in 2020.) Read more

A hydrogen reality check – part one

In my column last month, I explained the need for Australian governments to develop an all-encompassing ‘net zero emissions’ greenhouse gas plan, one that outlines a pathway forward for each industry and for each State and Territory. Read more

Bans and restrictions aren’t the answer

As CEO of the Victorian Transport Association I am often asked in public forums: “How do we get trucks off our roads?” We also often see the public messaging stating that the new tunnel will get thousands of trucks of our roads. Read more

PBS: a certifier aspect

Performance-Based Standards (PBS) has been functioning since the beginning of 2010, initially under the National Transport Commission (NTC) and now the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator (NHVR). Read more