Time for action, not more talk

The Australian Federal Government has a mandate to align with international regulations wherever practical — in particular European regulations. Read more

Welcome to COVID normal

Governments and industry came together during the COVID-19 crisis in ways that few could have ever imagined let alone predicted. Read more

Where to next for PBS?

The Performance Based Standards (PBS) scheme continues to go from strength to strength. Read more

Controlling the risks

Risk is probably the driest subject you could read about in a truck magazine. Read more

Moving toward a truly national system

As we approach the end of the year, a year that was unlike anything we could have anticipated, I’ve been reflecting on the priorities that lie at the heart of what we do at the NHVR. Read more

Government putting the brakes on truck safety

I outlined a few months ago in this very column, that the introduction of new Australian Design Rule (ADR) regulations for heavy vehicle safety and environmental standards had sadly slowed noticeably over the past decade. Read more