Stand up for trucking

The 2013 federal election, to be held on 14 September, will be critical for the future of the trucking industry. It’s time for Read more

Aerodynamic Enhancements – Part 2

Our industry is fortunate that a major investigation into next-generation aerodynamic developments is occurring at Monash University. Because Australia relies on long-distance multi-combination Read more

National Regulator ‘Lite’

For two years now, industry and all levels of government have been in the throes of negotiating a legislative package to support the Read more

Regulations & licence rules vs innovation

The current debate regarding B-double A trailer registration charges had TIC members thinking about other regulations and charges that have a negative influence Read more

Innocent until proven guilty

The directors and managers of trucking businesses should have the same rights as other Australians. They should be innocent until proven guilty of Read more

We can work together – sometimes

Through various media we should all be well aware of coming changes to Work Health and Safety (WHS) requirements in all states through Read more

HPVs a safer alternative

Once again the media has decided to target ‘monster trucks’ as their pet hate of the month. This is largely thanks to former Read more

Focus on Safety

In keeping with TIC’s mantra of “Today’s Trucks: Safer, Greener, Essential”, the focus of our message has been to promote the safety and Read more