Net zero

The term ‘Net Zero Emission’ has been getting a lot of coverage in recent times and it is a term that will undoubtedly gain even more airplay as we move to the next federal election, whenever that might be. Read more

A problem shared is a problem halved

The global pandemic reaffirmed the importance of our national supply chains and the vital role our transport drivers play to connect our communities with essential goods. Read more

Change over ten years

Ten years ago, in April 2011, I published my first article in Prime Mover magazine. Read more

Better than expected

I was recently asked how the Australian truck manufacturers and importers had faired over the past 12 months? Read more

VTA State Conference set for late March

After 12 months of disruption to the Victorian Transport Association’s typically busy events, professional development, and networking calendar, I am thrilled to be able to confirm our annual State Conference will be going ahead – in person – in March. Read more