Dana strengthens electrification capabilities

A prominent drivetrain supplier is making big moves in the electrification space.

US-based company, Dana Incorporated, is investing in a 4,600-square-metre facility in Pune, India, to produce Dana TM4 low- to high-voltage electric motors, inverters and vehicle control units.

A prominent drivetrain supplier is making big moves in the electrification space.

Dana TM4 is a joint venture between Dana Incorporated and Hydro-Québec, Canada’s largest electricity producer and one of the world’s largest hydroelectric power producers.

Scheduled to open later this year, the facility will supply technologies to manufacturers for a variety of electrified vehicle applications, including buses and trucks.

With the addition of electric motors, inverters, and vehicle control units to Dana’s current capabilities in India, the company is poised to serve as a preferred supplier with in-house capabilities to deliver complete and fully integrated e-Propulsion systems to OEM customers across all mobility markets.

“Dana has a complete portfolio of e-Powertrain technologies and this new facility builds on our growing network of manufacturing sites for electrified products that will enable us to provide critical innovations to our customers throughout the world,” said Dana India Vice President and Country Leader, Gajanan Gandhe.

“By expanding Dana’s manufacturing expertise for motors and inverters in India, we will be able to support the acceleration of the adoption of electric vehicles in key growth areas, such as the Asia-Pacific region, while promoting India’s position as a rising global leader in mobile electrification technologies.”

Located in Pune, the new facility will be Dana’s 18th in India, and its operations will include manufacturing, assembly, technical and administrative functions.

Dana presence in India is reported to date back to the 1960s through its facilities and affiliates. The Indian operation manufactures a complete product portfolio including axles, driveshafts, sealing and thermal technologies for automotive, commercial and off-highway vehicle markets.

More than 5,000 employees currently work for Dana India. The company’s Dana India Technical Center in Pune has more than 250 engineers and serves as a technology hub for Dana globally.

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