Dean Bestwick

Dean Bestwick began his career with Mack Trucks back in 2000 and worked his way through a number of sales and management positions. He has been there and done that because prior to joining the truck manufacturer he operated his own transport business, so he knows what it is all about out there in transport land.

Dean joined the executive management team at Mack in 2005 and was named General Manager earlier this year, and already he is making his presence felt in both company and customer ranks. He is a bloke with a sense of humour and relates very well with buyers of the Mack product due to the fact that he can talk about the bones of the industry and what individual operators require.

At the helm of a company increasing market share following the release of the New Breed Mack range, Dean sees enormous potential ahead and he is extremely proud of the Bulldog trucks, their heritage and the team of Australian engineers who he says have put heart and soul into the models.

“We have an excellent team of people at Mack, from those on the factory floor through to those who sell them and we all work together to give customers what they want with the highest quality levels,” Dean says proudly.

“When a customer buys a Mack, the right vehicle for the application is the result of work carried out by everybody in the team. When the New Breed was developed it started with a clean sheet of paper and everything about a Mack has been designed for Australia’s unique operating conditions and applications. “Mack has been a part of Australia’s road transport history and I believe the New Breed trucks are making history right now as we have developed a whole package for customers, regardless of their application. We engage our customers to gain feedback at every step of the way with a focus to deliver what they require to do the job. We offer a range of options carefully developed to suit customer needs and our technical and sales support team is always a part of the deal when buying a Mack.”

He points to working with buyers to ascertain the best truck for their requirements and says that buying a 465hp truck rather than a 500hp unit will deliver an 11.4 per cent fuel saving and this is something Mack personnel are proud to deliver to customers.

“Again it is all about working with our customers to ensure they not only get the best truck, but one that will deliver value for money over its entire working life. The road transport business is operated on small profit margins and we do our utmost to see that we are ahead of the competition in the value stakes,” he says with conviction.

“Again this is where our engineering people come in. They have extensive experience in product development and are certainly well-versed in what is required for Australia to produce great quality in a locally-built truck that will go the distance by making a great product even better. There is a real need to deliver in this business and the team at Mack does just that, it comes naturally.”

“Again it is all about working with our customers to ensure they not only get the best truck, but one that will deliver value for money over its entire working life.”

Mal Brown and David Moore are two of the top engineers in the Volvo Group and Dean is keen to promote these people as key players in developing new trucks for customers. He says while there are many others who can claim recognition for the role they play, Mal and David are examples of the expertise found within the company.

“Extensive experience delivers and while they are just part of a team, both men are invaluable to our company and customers. They really do understand what it takes to deliver quality and reliability and their input is invaluable and certainly recognised,” he says.
Dean is very much a hands-on person taking a vital interest in every aspect of the business, one he enjoys immensely and is proud to be a part of. He enjoys a particularly close relationship with customers across all market segments and says it really is all about the people. “There is no doubt about it, road transport operators right across the board do a magnificent job under trying circumstances. It is hard work yet they are very committed to servicing the community. Unfortunately they are not regarded in the proper light for what they do, but all can stand up and be counted and take pride in their efforts that do so much for this country,” Dean says.

It is this regard for the industry and the fact he has been a truck operator that gives him an enormous amount of pride, something he translates to, and carries with him, in his position. Dean is very much at home with industry people and certainly enjoys the relationship he has with everybody in road transport. “Why would you work anywhere else?” he asks. “The industry is what I regard as the greatest career path for young people, offering opportunities not found in any other sector. Trucks and transport make a vital industry that is exciting and, while at times challenging, will continue to service the country.

“Mack Trucks too will continue to provide service and make history. It’s a team effort delivering the very best in what is an important role for Australia,” he says again with pride.


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