Delco Remy 39MT Starter Mortor

Heavy in features yet light in weight, the new and improved Delco Remy 39MT starter motor ticks all the right boxes.

After the much anticipated arrival, the launch of the new 39MT has not disappointed. The masters at Delco Remy have thought of everything when it comes to this world-class heavy duty starter.

The new 39MT is packed with features and benefits. Possibly the most impressive would be that of the new rotatable nose cone, which increases vehicle applications with just four models.

Another exciting improvement is that many optional features now come standard; such as Delco’s famous Over Crank Protection. Likewise, the IMS solenoid, imperative in reducing voltage drop and ensuring the starter solenoid receives the maximum available voltage in any starting condition, is another feature which is now offered standard.

Weighing only 14 kg, the lightweight cast aluminium body helps to keep the weight down without sacrificing strength or durability. The long-life brushes, in conjunction with the heavy duty bearing and bushing system, increase reliability and service life. This makes it ideal for OH&S requirements also.

Exceptional torque and starting power are a breeze with the 39MT’s new Maximum Torque Technology, and thanks to the enhanced drive system, strength has also been increased by up to 40%.

More details on the new and improved 39MT are available from Ashdown-Ingram, the official Delco Remy distributor.  Ashdown Ingram is the largest supplier of automotive electrical, radiator and air-conditioning components in Australia.

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