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Cartage Australia – 100 per cent PBS

Cartage Australia – 100 per cent PBS

Relying almost entirely on PBS-approved high productivity equipment, Cartage Australia’s leadership team has created one of the most innovative bulk haulage businesses in the world. But the journey doesn’t end here.

As one of the first transport businesses in the world, Melbourne company Cartage Australia has fully relinquished the classic concept of prescriptive vehicle design and created a fleet that is 100 per cent Performance-Based Standards (PBS) approved. Every piece of equipment bearing the distinctive blue and red livery is now tailored to maximise payload and push the technology envelope – nothing is standard.

Yet, if you ask founders Ray Cauchi and Wayne Vella how they feel about crafting what could be the most progressive quarry transport service in the world, the response is exceedingly modest. “It’s fascinating when you think about how far we have come by embracing PBS, but we’re not doing it for the fame,” says Ray, whose meticulous work ethic has seen him travel across the globe in search of the most efficient transport equipment for the quarry industry. “We haven’t gone down that path because we wanted to write history, but because there was a problem that needed solving. We’re in the quarry business, where the competition is fierce and the work is tough, so standing still can be economically fatal.”

Ever so hands-on, Ray says being in the transport trade is all about creating new opportunities to grow and improve and not let complacency take the lead. “Every new contract is a new challenge to revisit what you consider best practice and look at how you can push the envelope – be it regarding safety, fuel efficiency or payload,” he says. “I think that kind of continuous improvement really is the key to having on-going success in our line of work.”

According to Ray, being exposed to a payload-driven industry like bulk haulage has helped himself and Wayne keep the focus firmly on productivity and embrace PBS early on. “The extreme focus on payload in our line of work has certainly inspired us to make some bold decisions in the past,” he says. “More importantly, though, we work in a high-risk environment, so safety is always at the top of our agenda. What we’ve learned quickly was that with PBS, you can increase your payload quite substantially without compromising on safety, so we provided the ideal breeding ground for PBS equipment, if you will.”

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