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Derham Transport overcomes the elements

Derham Transport overcomes the elements

Derham Transport has been built around a business model that will keep it busy even throughout the seasonal peaks and troughs caused by the weather – a typical complication for the construction sector.

Seasonal complications are nothing new to those in transport, with companies entwined in the agriculture industry working to the beat of Mother Nature’s drum, managing the busy harvest months and vulnerable to the effects of storms and droughts. Similarly, transport companies focusing on construction and civil industries work with seasonal diversity that largely revolves around the weather, with the rainy months typically slowing business down.

Understanding that preparation for workload variance during the ‘off-seasons’ can be a tipping point to success or failure, Victoria-based Derham Transport has developed a strategy that factors in the downtimes and fills them accordingly. “Construction work has a tendency to slow down during the cold and wet seasons due to delivering raw materials to construction sites that are mostly off sealed roads. It makes it quite difficult to access some sites due to boggy ground conditions,” explains Tate Ramsey, Derham Transport Operations Manager. “It’s not like the grocery industry, where it’s the same rain, hail or shine – the tipper industry has seasonal challenges that we have to consider.”

However, the Derham Transport business model keeps the company churning regardless of the weather by leveraging the vast resource of materials from its very own sand quarry, ‘Hillview Sand’. “Tucked in behind the picturesque You Yangs National Park in Victoria near Little River, we have 1,300 acres of raw materials that never fail to keep us busy,” Tate says. “During the dry season we cart raw materials, crushed rock and aggregate for construction companies like Holcim and Boral, but we are fortunate enough to have our own internal cartage work to keep a small number of the fleet working in the quiet times.”

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