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Driver on demand: James Grealy

Driver on demand: James Grealy

When transport companies turn to Logical Staffing Solutions they receive access to its pool of passionate, experienced drivers like James Grealy and the knowledge they will find the right fit.

Not every good truck driver is born to it. It’s the case, as it so happens, for James Grealy.

A qualified refinery inspector, he came to Logical Staffing Solutions, ready to drive trucks after more than six months overseas in Papua New Guinea, where he was working inspecting wells of oil and gas refineries.

The job involved UD ultrasonic machinery in which visual inspection with ultrasound and X-ray was used to test the thickness and integrity of the material. He had completed a three-year traineeship involving an ATTAR course and worked in Western Australia before he found himself deep in the rain forest of a foreign country 28 days consecutively, as part of a fly-in crew. The time away from home eventually took its toll.

“It was fly-in and fly-out. After nearly a month away at a stretch, you’re isolated with no family life, essentially stuck in a jungle. It was good money but I figure there’s more to life than money.”

Although he missed his family in Brisbane, where he was born and raised, there was no equivalent work to be hand in his hometown. Having qualified for a multi-combination licence James turned to Logical, after an online search produced their details.

“The induction process required of clients is mainly conducted online and it was straight forward. Logical handled all the paperwork. It was streamlined and easy,” he says.

According to James he soon found the routine he was after. One of his recent jobs was to deliver Volvo and Mack prime movers off the assembly line in Wacol, to the Port of Brisbane, where they were bound for overseas. He enjoyed it.

“It was a pleasure to drive so many different trucks and I got to drive a lot of the new models. They were comfortable and brand new,” he says. “It was nice clean work.”

The Volvo FH16 Globetrotter, he nominates as the most enjoyable truck he has driven while out on a job for Logical. “It’s very car-like the Globetrotter. The driving is more reactive when you’re behind the wheel,” he says.

James, who first sat behind the wheel of medium-heavy vehicle while working for a landscaper, has been a commercial truck driver, on and off, for more than two  years.

Today he is delivering polyethylene pipes for Vinidex. The route takes him from Rocklea to the Redland Bay Area. It’s about an hour drive in a rigid body truck. His current job keeps him busy, which he likes. “It’s flat out today and that works for me. I don’t mind spending most of the day in the truck. It’s not too stressful and, besides, I enjoy my own company.

“Logical try to utilise me the best they can. They find me work most days and if I need a day off they are able to accommodate me. They offer me full time work but there’s also flexibility and that’s great.”

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