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Driver on demand

Driver on demand

When transport companies turn to Logical Staffing Solutions they receive access to its pool of passionate, experienced drivers like Peter Johnson and the knowledge they will find the right fit.

Before he was driving trucks 20 years ago, Peter Johnson can recall the moment he weighed up whether it would be a worthwhile pursuit long term. Road transport, he decided, was a growth industry, one of the criteria he considered important before committing to it.

“So that’s essentially part of how I settled on becoming a truck driver,” he says.

“I was determined to find a growth industry. Somewhere with ongoing work and a long-term future. It’s not an industry that will ever stop. That’s not something you can say of many professions. If you were making boots, for instance, you’d be out of a job.”

Although his transit route changes day-to-day, Peter says he enjoys the variety of locations he is asked to deliver to. Not unlike most truck drivers, he enjoys the work partly because of the independence it affords him.

“I’m essentially working for myself. Once you leave the depot you’re like your own boss in charge of your own driving, responsible for delivering goods, accountable to a schedule.”

At the moment he is specialising in palletised goods driving one of three rigid trucks the company that employs him operates. They also run up to 90 semi-trailers. In a day Peter might set out from Laverton to Pakenham, an outer suburb in

Melbourne’s now booming southeast, before getting dispatched to the industrial area of Bayswater in the foothills of the Dandenong Mountains. Earlier in the week a job took him to picturesque Phillip Island.

The heavy rigid UD Truck he is driving, complete with automatic transmission makes his life easier.

“It’s a really nice truck to drive with the automatic transmission. After five months of driving it I realise auto is the way to go in the city. There’s no split box so you don’t have to change half a dozen gears just to head up the road.”

According to Peter, Logical facilitates the hours he requires and should he want more permanent work they will oblige.

“If I ever need extra hours it’s there,” he says. “So it’s a good scenario for someone who wants to dictate their hours.

“For younger people uncertain about a career direction there’s a pathway through as a truck driver. Logical helped me get back to work and I thank them.”

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