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How EPH stays ahead of the competition

How EPH stays ahead of the competition

The Uberification of Australia’s commercial road transport scene has already begun, as Eastern Plant Hire’s innovative workflow management app is proving.

Since news broke in October 2016 that US ride hailing service, Uber, is planning to venture into the commercial freight market, transport businesses around the globe have been on high alert. Even though Uber has already indicated that a full rollout of the technology is still some time away – and will likely take place in the US first – the move was widely considered the swan song of road transport as we know it.

While the true impact of the ‘Uberification’ of freight is still subject to intense debate – in France, transport industry associations are now taking legal action against ‘rogue’ online freight brokering services in the hope to stall the trend – one Australian business has already moved on to the next stage.

Even though the distinctly humble management team behind Eastern Plant Hire (EPH) – brothers Michael and David Willson – would likely not admit to it, the Melbourne-based family operation might be one of the most progressive and interconnected transport businesses in the world.

What Michael dismissively calls a “mud carting and dirt broking” business is in reality a highly professional service provider to the construction industry with the capability of managing hundreds of pieces of equipment at any one time while also running a full-scale excavation operation and company-owned clean fill sites.

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