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Lovatt Transport’s rise to success

Lovatt Transport’s rise to success

The advent of containerisation during the 1950s revolutionised sea and road freight at a global scale. In Australia, Lovatt Transport had the vision to capitalise on the trend by establishing a reliable freight link between import and export.

It’s safe to say US businessman Malcolm McLean didn’t have Australia in mind when he patented the design for the modern shipping container in 1956, but his invention would go on to fundamentally change the reality of doing business in and around the island continent.

In fact, the changes brought about by containerisation triggered a complete recast in the structure of port development and management, according to the Port Authority of New South Wales: “The arrival of containers was a radical change, as significant as the shift from sail to steam vessels. And … this evolution involved more than just a different style of vessel; rather, it had a flow-on effect on ports and surrounding [industries].”

One company that had the foresight to embrace the container as the new lingua franca of global trade was Sydney’s Lovatt Transport. Knowing McLean’s invention was more than a fleeting fashion style, Bill Lovatt created a full service offering around it that has grown into an award-winning and commercially successful enterprise over the past 35 years or so.

Especially in the Sydney area, Lovatt Transport has built a strong reputation for the timely and seamless movement of shipping containers, along with value added services like the unpacking, storing and delivering of container contents to their final destination – signified by the now famous tag line ‘Leave it to Lovatt’.

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