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The history of Haulin’ the Hume

The history of Haulin’ the Hume

Every year, sections of the Hume Highway are treated to a passing parade of trucking history. By ‘Haulin the Hume’, the lovingly restored historic vehicles make it possible to see just how far truck engineering has advanced.

Last April, 261 classic trucks assembled at the Clarendon Showgrounds to the west of Sydney for the annual ‘Haulin the Hume’ fundraising event. Every year, the historic vehicles form a convoy to travel a total of 280km – meandering down the Northern Road to connect with the Hume Highway at Narellan, before heading up and over Razorback Mountain and through the picturesque town of Picton. Before reaching their final destination in Yass, the trucks put on a mini display at the Goulburn Showgrounds, showing off their antique designs and technology.

While offering participants and locals a chance to marvel at the restored vehicles, examining trucks from earlier eras also provided an opportunity to reflect on the advances transport equipment and engineering have made over the last 50 years or so.

To the naked eye, one of the most obvious advances has been the change in cab design: While today’s trucks have developed to a point where aerodynamic practicality and manufacturing efficiency over-rule many a design decision, most of the rigs on the Hume were unmistakably shaped.

While some of the vehicles seemed to wear their battle scars and faded patinas as badges of honour, most were lovingly restored, with intricate pin striping and scrollwork. Others were accessorised with bonnet emblems ranging from plated bulldogs to chrome swans with coloured Perspex wings – indicating just how much effort the vintage truck scene is putting into retaining a part of Australian transport history.

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