FleetSeek CAMTracker Live

Telematics specialist FleetSeek has added a new high definition video capture capability to its offering, giving operators instant access to footage from anywhere in the world as well as all the GPS tracking capabilities within the same unit.

The Australian transport industry has been part of the global boom of telematics that was noted in a recent report from US market research company Frost & Sullivan. In the Australian telematics market, one of the players to watch is FleetSeek, which now boasts over 15,000 units deployed.

FleetSeek is affiliated internationally with UK’s RTL Telematics and has been offering its telematics solutions to the Australian market since 2008 that collect valuable data including GPS tracking, live engine data, temperature monitoring, in-cab dispatch/communications, compliance solutions, RFID tagging and driver identification/hours just to name a few.

Now adding to its comprehensive list of features, FleetSeek is taking telematics technology to the next stage with CAMTracker Live, which captures high definition video that can be viewed in real time anywhere in the world via the 3G network.

For more information visit the FleetSeek website.

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