HERE and EROAD launch new navigation tools for commercial vehicle drivers

Commercial fleet technology specialist, EROAD, has bolstered its focus on driver safety and productivity by partnering with data and platform company HERE.

The joint venture announced today will enable truck-friendly routing and navigation for commercial vehicle routing and navigation solutions for Australia, North America and New Zealand.

HERE and EROAD jointly designed the navigation application that is integrated into EROAD Go+, a new solution in North America for enhanced pickup and delivery workflow.

EROAD Go+ connects to a truck fleet’s transportation management system to mobilise dispatch and capture proof of delivery data digitally, yielding better visibility, less paperwork and safer, more productive drivers.

The tool also optimises routes based on road attributes and conditions including truck restrictions, bridge heights, hazardous material restrictions and traffic.

The app features live turn-by-turn navigation with lane assist, and audible guidance on upcoming turns, so drivers can safely stay focused on the road and traffic conditions around them.

Commercial vehicle drivers in Australia, New Zealand and North America use EROAD solutions as part of their day for logging distance travelled, shift hours, managing their work and staying safe on the roads.

“We place an incredible focus on ease of use and reliability because that enables drivers to operate their vehicles safely,” said Steven Newman, EROAD CEO.

“Our partnership with HERE made it easy to design and launch routing and navigation solutions that support our vision of safe and productive roads,” he said.

HERE Technologies Senior Vice President and General Manager APAC Stanmira Koleva in a statement said the expanded partnership with EROAD will bring new innovations in fleet management and most importantly driver safety, which in turn enhances driver satisfaction.

“We are really excited to be able to partner on EROAD Go as this solution will empower both business and drivers with real-time feedback such as alerts and traffic conditions and ensure truck drivers have the most optimized routes to travel on,” said Stanmira Koleva.

“With our complementary strengths in fleet management and location technology, a partnership between HERE and EROAD is a natural fit.”

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