Hyundai unveils high end STARIA range

Hyundai Motor Company today unveiled the teaser images of STARIA, the brand’s new multi-purpose vehicle line-up.

A high-end variant of STARIA standard model, the STARIA Premium reflects some lofty ambitions for Hyundai, namely, to start somewhere, its commitment to leading the future mobility industry as a Smart Mobility Solution Provider, under the brand’s vision of ‘Progress for Humanity.’

The STARIA name combines ‘star’ and ‘ria’, in reference to the vehicle’s future-oriented product values.

Its streamlined design characteristics are defined by one curve gesture silhouettes as well as clean and pure body volume.

The driver-centric features and futuristic design elements purportedly deliver new experiences for drivers and passengers that make time in transit more productive and worthwhile.

Indeed the strikingly futuristic and mysterious exterior have been compared to — by Hyundai no less — a spaceship.

The front is highlighted by a long, horizontal daytime running light as is now common among carmakers who understand the future to look frightfully homogeneous.

Headlamps, for practical purposes, have been positioned underneath.

The spaceship vibe — more boomer-imagined Tron than Interstellar — is further echoed by its expansive panoramic windows and lower belt lines, underscoring the an expansive interior.

The height of the cabin is also optimised for premium comfort and convenience, making it ideal for both business and family use.

“STARIA is Hyundai’s new people mover line-up that opens up a new mobility era,” said SangYup Lee, Senior Vice President and Head of Global Hyundai Design.

“STARIA will provide a completely new experience and value proposition for customers through its unprecedented design features.”

STARIA Premium, which will be available in select markets, takes mobility to the next level, sporting premium features and variant-exclusive finishes for a more luxurious look and feel.

There has been no word as yet from Hyundai as to whether the people mover of the future will arrive in ours any time soon.