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Industry Insider : ARTSA

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Peter Hart

The Australian Road Transport Suppliers Association was formed in the mid 1980s with the vision of being the technical resource for the road transport industry in Australia. It seeks to bring together manufacturers and suppliers of equipment, parts and services to the road transport industry to promote safety, productivity and the general reputation of the industry. Current Chairman is Peter Hart.

  • The size and character of the Australian fleet

    By: Peter Hart

    May 2014

    The Australian Road Transport Suppliers Association has entered into an agreement with the National Exchange of Vehicle and Driver Information System (NEVDIS) group to analyse and report on the registration database for heavy vehicles in Australia.

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  • New brake rules bring new benefits and new risks

    By: Peter Hart

    February 2014

    The confirmation of the new trailer brake rule, ADR 38/04, should be welcomed. From 1 January 2015, most new trailers are required to have either an Antilock brake system (ABS) or a Load-Sensing brake system (LSB). ADR 35/04, which mandates ABS (and not LSB) on new trucks, was confirmed in July 2013.The main motivation for these requirements is to improve the safety of combination-vehicle braking when the trailer is lightly loaded. Let’s consider the pluses and minuses of the new trailer rule.

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  • How to develop a replacement parts purchasing policy

    By: Peter Hart

    December 2013

    Leading trucking companies have a replacement-parts purchasing policy. Why? Because they seek to achieve high safety levels whilst remaining legal, minimizing risk levels and hopefully getting good value for money. The worst possible approach is to buy on price only – the best approach may not be to always buy OEM. So what is in a sensible policy?

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  • The changes to heavy vehicle charging

    By: Peter Hart

    November 2013

    As 2013 draws to a close, the industry is about to tackle the issue of heavy vehicle charges, both for the short term and the long term.

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  • Aerodynamic Enhancements – Part 2

    By: Peter Hart

    June 2013

    Our industry is fortunate that a major investigation into next-generation aerodynamic developments is occurring at Monash University. Because Australia relies on long-distance multi-combination trucks that typically travel at 100 km/h, there is tremendous potential to reduce aerodynamic drag and thereby improve fuel economy.

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  • Truck/ semi-trailer aerodynamic enhancements (Part 1)

    By: Peter Hart

    May 2013

    Last year at the IAA commercial vehicle show in Hanover, Germany, I took great notice of the low-drag semi-trailer that Mercedes Benz displayed. It caused me to consider what the potential for aerodynamic improvement is on the Australian truck fleet.

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