Isuzu appoints new director and chief finance officer

Australian truck market sales leader, Isuzu Australia Limited (IAL), has announced the appointment of Makoto (Mark) Suzuki to the position of Director of Administration and Chief Finance Officer effective 2 June, 2010, following the transfer of Kazumasa Suzuki to Isuzu operations in Indonesia.

Makoto has worked for the Isuzu Motors organisation for over 25 years and was previously in charge of Isuzu Motors America’s diesel engine joint venture with General Motors.
According to Makoto, the move to Australia presents many new challenges as Australia’s truck market is a crucial part of Isuzu Motors’ global operations.

“Australia has been and will continue to be a very important market for Isuzu Motors,” Makoto said.

“IAL has achieved more than two decades of consecutive truck market sales leadership and has done so in a very mature and crowded market.

“I look forward to working closely with IAL personnel and playing a role in the company’s continued strong performance here,” Makoto said.

In commenting on the latest appointment, IAL Director and Chief Operating Officer, Phil Taylor, said Makoto Suzuki brought a wealth of sales and business management experience to IAL’s senior management team, and would assist the organisation in meeting future challenges. “Makoto, with his experience in North America, will add extra depth and focus to the Isuzu Australia team, and assist the organisation in meeting its environmental and operational objectives going forward,” Phil said.

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