Iveco Powerstar 6400

Some say it’s the best of both worlds – the basic cab from an Iveco Stralis set back on a chassis with a locally produced bonnet grafted on in front of it. Even though the look may be a bit Frankenstein-ish – reminiscent of the International S-line – the result is a very driver-friendly truck with a European-style interior and comfort.

The Stralis component is also evident when viewing the truck in profile as the use of the cab-over module results in a steep windscreen – a style feature that may provide good vision over the sloping bonnet, but probably won’t be assisting fuel consumption due to increased wind resistance. 

The Powerstar also shares some of its appearance with its big brother, the beefy Powerstar 7800 road train hauler, but the purposeful look is softened a little by the contoured, FUPS-compliant front bumper.

During our road test, Victoria copped bitterly cold winds and rain straight from Antarctica, causing the traffic to be a lot more congested and confused than usual. While such bad weather may not be the first choice for a photo shot, the conditions actually highlighted a number of positives the new Powerstar can show off with.

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