LINX earmarks new Kenworth K200s for B-triple assignment

LINX Logistics has bolstered its linehaul fleet in Griffith, NSW.

The six Kenworth K200s replete with electronic brake safety and collision warning systems have been designed and built to meet the highest expectations of reliability, safety and durability as outlined by the LINX team.

Powered by Cummins X15 550 horsepower engines, the new K200s are rated to 90 tonnes GCM and will pull both B-doubles and B-triples throughout regional NSW while servicing the capital cities of Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne and Adelaide.

Freight task commodities for these new trucks will vary according to LINX Logistics with beverages, glass bottles, paper, nuts, rice and packaging all to be moved under customer contracts.

As these prime movers will travel more than one million kilometres in the first three years, Wayne Alpen, LINX Logistics General Manager said it was vital that it provided an enhanced safe work environment for its drivers while they go about delivering critical linehaul services across the company’s national domestic supply chain.

“The LINX Logistics team worked closely with the manufacturer on the design and build to ensure the trucks meet the highest levels of reliability, safety and durability. This fleet will handle any task given to them and will travel more than a million kilometres within the first three years, keeping our customers’ cargo moving,” he said.

The K200s had been chosen, among other reasons, for quality driver acceptance and flexibility to operate on various applications.

“Kenworth is a truck favoured by drivers. These K200s bring superior quality along with safeguards to ensure the safety of not only the driver but other road users with features such as In Cab Camera Technology, Active Cruise Braking, Lane Departure Warning, Electronic Brake Safety Systems, Collision Warning System and Active Cab Entry. These features, combined with a spacious cab, will give the driver the most comfortable and safe journey,” said Alpen.

“For LINX Logistics, these new trucks are an example of strategic investments that will better support customers with improved efficiencies and increased volume while maintaining an important focus on safety.”

The new Kenworth K200 prime movers were first unveiled last week.

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