Mercedes-Benz Blind Spot Assist

Mercedes-Benz has revealed a new Blind Spot Assist, designed to warn truck drivers when turning corners in critical situations with restricted vision or when cyclists or pedestrians are nearby.

According to Mercedes-Benz, the Blind Spot Assist takes into account the tractix curve of the semi-trailer and therefore also warns if there is a danger of a collision with stationary obstacles such as traffic lights or street lamps. Over and above it supports the driver when changing lane.

“The development of Blind Spot Assist is now finished from a technological standpoint. At Daimler, we have always been concerned about trucks having collisions when turning corners. However, before we launch the system on the market, we first have to extensively test and validate it,” says Sven Ennerst, Head of Global Product Engineering and Procurement at Daimler Trucks.

“This means that the system still has to undergo hundreds of thousands of kilometres of testing and to be adapted to a wide variety of vehicle variants. People expect the technology leader to create pioneering solutions — especially when it improves active safety, which has top priority at Daimler Trucks.”

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