Michelin X Multi Z

Michelin has launched four new tyre sizes within the Michelin X Multi Z range. “We were very happy with the interest generated from our new products and the positive feedback received on our existing range of products and services,” says Colin Brown, Truck Marketing Manager, Michelin Australia. “We experienced a constant flow of new and existing customers.”

The company says the commercial transport industry is continually searching for solutions to become more productive, while reducing overall costs and increasing safety; and the tyre giant was confident that the innovative products and services they presented at the Show meet those needs.

“Our new Michelin 305/70R22.5 X Multi Z tyre generated a lot of interest and it was great to see some of our customers at the show who tested the product in Australia before its launch,” Colin adds. 

According to Michelin, the Michelin 295/80R22.5 X Multi Z (pictured) is the highest selling tyre from within the X Multi Z range and has received great feedback from customers since its launch.

For more information visit the Michelin website.

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