MyFleet vehicle tracking system

Companies can now detect vehicle speed limiter tampering in their fleets with real-time alerts generated by MyFleet’s vehicle tracking system.

Under ‘chain of responsibility’, owners, managers and contractors of transport companies can be held responsible for speed limiter tampering within heavy vehicles. All parties in the transport chain, not just the driver and operator, can be made accountable for these offences.

MyFleet now actively compares two independent speed readings, one from the on-board engine computer and one calculated by GPS, to detect vehicle tampering. If a discrepancy is detected the fleet manager is immediately alerted.

Without MyFleet, fleet managers would need to inspect each vehicle individually and on a regular basis to ensure compliance. As a result, My Fleet’s monitoring solution represents thousands of dollars saved in ongoing inspections.

As one of the first vehicle monitoring services in Australia, MyFleet has industry leading expertise in vehicle monitoring, data collection and fleet analysis. As a result, its clients (including some of Australia’s largest) run safer, smarter and more efficient fleets.

For more information on MyFleet’s vehicle tamper reports visit or call 02 4925 2333.

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