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AWJ Civil to field test light duty trucks after breakthrough with Viva Energy

New South Wales engineering business, AWJ Civil, a specialist in civil and environmental remediation work will partner again with Viva Energy and its lubricant affiliate supplier Green Goanna on a series of field tests.

As it was actively in search of a solution to reducing operational costs, AWJ Civil sought out Viva Energy, the distributor of Shell lubricant products, to drastically reduce the number of oil drains across its fleet of more than 280 moveable assets.

This includes commercial vehicles, excavators, graders, backhoes and compactors.

Looking to reduce oil drain intervals and labour costs, the company has undertaken a field test on its earth moving equipment and the results have been no less than pleasing.

Taken as an opportunity to evaluate oil for wear, contamination and any deterioration in its physical condition, an excavator and a grader, with differing uptime requirements and total hours of operation, were put to the task with the performance of the Shell Rimula R4 L 15W-40 routinely assessed at intervals of zero, 250 and 500 hours.

AWJ Civil chose two vehicles from their fleet for the Shell Rimula trials — an excavator and a grader — each with different uptime requirements and total hours of operation.

The trial was overseen by Viva Energy's specialist engineers and lubricant analysts.

The outcome, according to Viva Energy, confirmed that an oil drain inteval could be successfully extended to 500 hours, doubling the 250 hours in common practice for AWJ Civil, while remaining within safe operating parameters nor compromising the mechanical integrity of the equipment.

"In addition, the oil properties and engine protection were maintained within optimum parameters," Viva Energy said in an online statement.

AWJ Civil can now anticipate a sharp drop of 450 oil drains to an estimated 233 a year and a saving of $36,000 in labour costs.

Annual lubricant consumption would also drastically reduce from 11,560 litres to 5,767 litres.

According to Craig Dunn, AWJ Civil Business Operations Manager, the company will soon begin trials that involve its commercial vehicles.

“The benefits have proven very positive with our earthmoving equipment so we are moving to expand this service to our light vehicles and small trucks fleet on advice of similar savings”, said Craig Dunn, AWJ Civil Business Operations Manager.

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