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Carrier cops fine for speeding

A freight company in Queensland has been fined for speed compliance issues.

Transport for NSW reported that a company set the speed limiter of a B-double combination at 125hm/h and was fined $10,000.

“Excessive speed is a significant contributing factor to fatal and serious crashes and the impact of speed related incidents is significantly increased when it involves heavy vehicles,” said Transport for NSW Director, Roger Weeks.

The B-double combination was directed to stop at the Jones Island Heavy Vehicle Checking Station while travelling north on 19 February this year.

Tests carried out on the speed limiter found it was set to 125.5km/h – more than 25 per cent above the allowed threshold.

The truck driver told inspectors the speed limiter software had recently been updated and he thought the truck could only travel at 104km/h.

The prime mover and two trailers were immediately given major grounded defects. The company was issued with a court attendance notice.

The matter was heard in Forster Local Court on 15 July. The prosecution submitted that the offence was at the higher end of seriousness, as the company’s truck was able to travel at more than 25 per cent above the maximum speed limit, creating a real risk to public safety.

Weeks said the incident sounded a clear warning to other trucking companies to ensure speed limiters were set to ensure trucks did not travel above 100km/h.

“The movement of freight is a significant contributor to our economy, but it’s not worth dying for and the ability to travel at 125km/h significantly increases that risk," he said. “We want freight to be moving around as efficiently as possible, but also as safely as possible.”

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