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Communication key to COVID-19 resilience: Followmont Transport

Followmont Transport CEO, Mark Tobin, has reflected on the last financial year with reference to business resilience and strategy during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Tobin said via LinkedIn that even though Followmont managed to remain consistent throughout the COVID-19 outbreak as an essential service provider, the transport and logistics business still had its challenges and learnings.

His motivation for sharing these insights is to strengthen community, to move forward and to pave the way for recovery.

Followmont's senior leadership team committed to a clear strategy where communication and transparency with its people was identified as the most important factor.

"Our people came first, although they had job security through Followmont, it did not necessarily mean the same for those close to them in their personal lives," said Tobin.

"So, we focused on letting them know we were there to support them at every step beyond the office environment and that the care factor was there and will remain that way.

"Life and a business is not always straightforward but by providing ongoing visibility we can say that we owe the strength of our positioning to our people and our customers. They were the ones that allowed us to help keep Australia moving and to remain consistent in a time of great uncertainty."

In May, Followmont showcased its new Volvo vehicles.

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