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CouriersPlease commences discovery phase of new driver app

Parcel delivery specialist, CouriersPlease, has installed a new Android and iOS-based application to assist its drivers deliver an upwards of 19 million parcels this year.

The company has this month commenced a 12-month intensive evaluation period of its new driver application CPGo which has been designed to assist its fleet of franchisees to choose the most efficient runs to expedite parcel pickups and deliveries.

CPGo works by defining the quickest calculated route each franchisee should take before they commence their run in an optimised pickup and delivery sequence, based on various parameters CouriersPlease announced in a recent media release.

These include business operating hours, current traffic conditions, suburb-specific cut-off times, and pickup and delivery location.

As traffic conditions evolve in real-time and parcel pickups change throughout the day, so too will the route defined for the franchisee.

The new application benefits CouriersPlease franchisees by eliminating the guesswork, and for their customers, the uncertainty of traffic and expected delivery times when collecting and delivering their parcel runs.

It enhances efficiency for drivers by providing them with the best delivery route to improve staff performance and customer service.

Throughout the 12-month discovery phase, CouriersPlease will be analysing information and data to determine how it can harness the technology capabilities further to enhance the delivery experience for the end consumer.

Every Zebra TC56 handheld device operated by over 750 franchisees has had the application installed on it.

CouriersPlease Chief Commercial Officer Paul Roper said the prospect of analysing delivery performance via the CPGo app was part of the company's transformative journey.

“Our franchisees each have exclusive delivery and collection rights to their respective territories, most of whom are familiar with the area. However, there’s always the element of the ‘unknown’ around every corner at any time throughout the day, which can impact the delivery experience for the end consumer," he said.

“CPGo will not only benefit our franchisees, but it will be a valuable asset for our contractors filling in who may not be familiar with the area and best route to take," he said.

"We anticipate that our investment in this technology will significantly reduce the number of hours they will spend each week in traffic and help avoid routes that slow down deliveries. For our customers, this technology provides increased transparency from pickup to delivery via a series of timely notifications across key milestones. We are looking forward to harnessing the power of this technology and delivering the future.”

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