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Fatigue, distraction and rollover events greatly reduced after a year of installing Guardian

Roadtrain drivers are often required to use the same route many times in each shift, and this monotony can understandably lead to complacency, distraction and fatigue.

Of particular concern at Rivet Mining Services (RMS), is when drivers are rostered on for rolling shifts (with no set starting times) on a basis of four weeks on and two weeks off, with a week of day shifts alternating with a week of night shifts.

As part of its ongoing commitment to improve HSE performance, RMS installed Guardian across their roadtrain fleet, so that management could see in real time, the true levels of fatigue and distraction events among their drivers. The data showed them that both events were occurring much more often than they had anticipated.

Through algorithms that monitor drivers’ eye and head movements in real time and a forward-facing camera that monitors the road, Guardian technology is able to instantly detect driver distraction and fatigue and alert the driver via immediate in-cab seat vibration and audible alarms.

Guardian is also able to relay this information back to base in real time, so that the RMS management team can assist the driver and the situation to prevent serious consequences.

After using Guardian for 12 months, RMS management has reported a significant positive impact on the business.

“The system has assisted us in coaching drivers to manage both their fatigue and distractions more proactively,” said Geoffrey Taylor, Regional Health, Safety, Environment & Training Manager Rivet Mining Services. “And the data has assisted us better understand and address our high-risk locations and times of day/shift.”

If you invest in Guardian technology before 31 December 2020 you could be eligible for an instant asset write off up to $150,000*
* Please visit the ATO website to find out more or seek independent financial/tax advice.

In other news, Qube improves the safety of its national truck fleet with Guardian tech.

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