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Freight Data Hub launched by Transport for NSW

The Australian Logistics Council (ALC) has welcomed the Freight Data Hub launched this week by Transport for NSW (TfNSW) with industry set to reap the benefits of more effective policy reform through better understanding freight movements.

ALC CEO Kirk Coningham said the Freight Data Hub would provide industry and the community with fresh insights into freight performance at key trading gateways thanks to access to timely and accurate information.

“In the lead-up to the release of the National Freight and Supply Chain Strategy earlier this year, there was widespread acknowledgement that improving the quality and quantity of data available regarding freight movement was essential," he said.

"This thinking drove the Federal Government’s decision to allocate $8.5m to design and pilot a National Freight Data Hub,” said Coningham.

“However, the ultimate success of that national project will depend on industry participants being convinced that contributing their data will deliver beneficial outcomes, including a better overall visualisation of how freight moves through the supply chain, the prioritisation of investment on key freight routes, and the identification of bottlenecks and other challenges that inhibit efficient freight movement.”

“The Freight Data Hub that TfNSW has now launched is a powerful demonstration of how key freight data can be presented in a manner that is useful to freight logistics companies, investors and government decision-makers alike.”

According to Coningham, the project will build industry confidence in data sharing that will provide useful information to industry and governments and still protect commercially sensitive information relating to individual operators and customers.

“ALC warmly congratulates TfNSW on the launch of its Freight Data Hub, as well as ALC members NSW Ports and Port of Newcastle for their involvement in the project,” he said.

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