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Isuzu tri-tipper gets green thumbs up from landscaping company

A new Isuzu NLR 45-150 Tri-Tipper is delivering the goods precisely where they are needed for Christian Jenkins Landscape Design.

According to the company’s owner, Christian Jenkins, the Isuzu’s Gross Vehicle Mass (GVM) of 4.5 tonnes, 110 kW of power and comfortable ride due in part to independent front suspension are key factors that make it an ideal work vehicle for his operations. 

“You’ve got the driving comfort as though you’re driving a car, but with the luxury of being able to transport three tonnes,” said Jenkins.

The Tri-Tipper works exactly how it sounds; it can be tipped three ways – backwards, to the left and to the right. This provides flexibility in confined spaces, which is invaluable to Jenkins as many of his projects are situated in tight-access areas.

“If we’re doing residential jobs in back laneways, we take the back fence off and we can get the truck right in to tip off two and a half cubic metres of material.

“I can just pull up to my soil pile, tip it off – whether it’s left, right or to the back – and pull out without any fuss, which I think is just fantastic,” he said.

Jenkins told Isuzu his love for landscaping came from his great-grandfather, who was always outdoors.

Following suit at age 20, Jenkins started as a gardener at Ivanhoe Grammar School. While there, he studied horticulture, majoring in garden design at the University of Melbourne.

As for what goes into the process of designing award-winning gardens, Jenkins said firstly an on-site consultation is required to assess the land and discuss the project, and then the grunt work begins.

“Along with the experience of what I’ve learnt over 25 years, I bring in the best elements and work with the lay of the land to create the garden according to what the client has envisioned,” he said.

Testament to his abilities, Jenkins has won several eminent awards, including a gold award at the 2018 New Zealand Flower and Garden Show.

In other news, Isuzu dealers, last month, united for their 2020 strategy.

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