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JLM Plumb’N'Gasfit upgrades from ute to Isuzu truck

Justin Moore of Melbourne-based domestic plumbing and maintenance business, JLM Plumb'N'Gasfit, invested in an Isuzu truck to replace his ute which he pushed to its limits.

Moore told commercial vehicle manufacturer, Isuzu, that he acquired an Isuzu NLR45-150 Servicepack X because he needed a versatile, compact and reliable transport to help customers with unexpected emergencies and urgent projects.

The Servicepack X, according to Moore, is a cross between a ute and a van. His truck, from the ready-to-work range, features two-pedal automated manual transmission, a genuine Isuzu bullbar and reverse camera.

Moore added blue livery and signage to his truck and fitted out the service body with draws and shelves to his specification.

Key to Moore's purchasing decision with replacing his ute with a truck was due to space and weight.

“With the nature of my work, I need a vehicle that can handle the weight of all my equipment and still have storage to spare," Moore told Isuzu.

“Because at any given time, I’ve got hand tools, power tools, fittings and parts—and a lot of them are brass or copper, so that starts to add up in weight. And in addition to all of that, I have to bring with me a high-pressure water jet for cleaning sewers."

Moore said he requires a payload of at least one tonne without the vehicle struggling, and a truck is the only option for that.

The light duty truck has a Gross Vehicle Mass (GVM) of 4.5 tonnes, Gross Combination Mass (GCM) of 8.0 tonnes and can be driven on a car licence.

"“Not having to go for a course or pay for your employee go through a course is great, because that’s less downtime, which affects the business," Moore told Isuzu. “This truck means anyone can jump in it and start driving, and it feels like driving a car."

While JLM Plumb’N’Gasfit accepts jobs beyond Melbourne’s inner city suburbs, Moore frequently travels more than 800 kilometres a week, on all types of terrain.

Despite the traversing dirt roads, farm roads and freeway, the truck's AMT allows Moore to operate in both fully automatic and clutchless manual for ease of use regardless of the road and gradient he is driving on.

“Honestly, I wouldn’t bother getting utes again, even for apprentices or employees," said Moore. "I’d be putting them in an Isuzu truck."

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