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Leading national freight carrier makes appeal to customers

Washroom amenity lockouts for truck drivers have again come to the fore following a plea from the Glen Cameron Group boss.

In a recent statement issued to its customers the company Managing Director, Glen Cameron, said his drivers continued to experience a growing number of access bans and lockouts from washroom amenities at sites along every link of the supply chain.

"With the closing of most retail outlets providing washroom amenities on a majority of roads and rest areas, the ability for our drivers to access amenities for even the simple task of washing their hands is fast becoming impossible," he said. 

"Metro work is just as troublesome as public washrooms become the only option and many are in locations inaccessible to heavy vehicles," said Cameron.

"All Cameron Group employees and sites practice good hygiene as directed by the Health Department and, in many instances, specific requests by you - our Customers."

According to Cameron the company had comprehensive oversight and ongoing management and monitoring of COVID-19 within its business.

Its prevention and precautionary processes are aligned and up to date with all recommendations from Government.

At present it is necessary for distribution hubs and customr points to find better solutions to help Glen Cameron Group gain greater access to amentities

"We realise that some points of access will remain closed to our drivers but any influence that can be brought to bear to help re-open washroom amenities across your supply chain would be greatly appreciated," Cameron said.

Cameron noted that operations managers were addressing specific concerns with their peers at site level but that a voice of support from its customers would greatly assist in bringing attention to the issue.

"We all acknowledge the importance of logistics and freight during these times and its integral role in supporting Australia and Australians," he said.

(Image: Glen Cameron).

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