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NHVR officers to use body worn cameras

Body worn cameras (BWCs) have been issued to all National Heavy Vehicle Regulator (NHVR) Safety and Compliance Officers (SCOs) following a recent trial in South Australia and Tasmania.

The BWC is a portable camera worn by NHVR officers to capture audio and video recordings of interactions between officers and those involved in heavy vehicle transport activities.

It also provides a number of important safety benefits by encouraging safe and mutually respectful interactions.

NHVR Chief Operations Officer, Paul Salvati, said that the cameras would be worn during intercepts and evidence gathering activities by all NHVR officers in South Australia, Victoria, the ACT and Tasmania.

"BWCs are now commonplace for enforcement agencies across the country and many drivers in the heavy vehicle industry will already be familiar with their use," said Salvati.

"Through using BWCs, we can ensure that evidence collected is accurate, comprehensive and impartial, as well as supporting the timely resolution of disputes when they arise," he said.

NHVR officers will notify drivers and operators at the start of the interaction that the camera is capturing audio and video recordings.

Footage from BWCs can be used as evidence in court and for investigative purposes.

"Footage collected is stored and retained in a secure digital evidence management system in accordance with relevant evidence management requirements," said Salvati. "All access to BWC footage is monitored, tracked and auditable."

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