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NSW heavy vehicle competency-based assessments change due to Covid-19

Service NSW has announced modifications to heavy vehicle driver assessments conducted in NSW via the Heavy Vehicle Competency Based Assessment Program.

Australian Road Transport Industrial Organisation NSW Secretary/Treasurer, Hugh McMaster, said ARTIO NSW was asked to seek clarification on how and if assessments would be conducted due to Covid-19.

McMaster said licence assessors need to be in the cab to assess the competence of a licence holder.

“Although NSW has postponed driver testing across NSW for a minimum period of two months due to Covid-19, this postponement does not automatically apply to annual assessments for heavy vehicle licence holders in NSW," he said.

Heavy vehicle drivers with an urgent need for a driving test to be conducted can apply for a priority request according to Service NSW. These requests will reportedly be assessed on a case-by-case basis.

“Drivers will have to demonstrate that they need to retain a heavy vehicle licence to support the freight network and supply chain," said McMaster.

“Service NSW says a letter from the driver’s employer confirming this would be required.

“It also says a priority test may also be made available if a doctor or police officer has notified Transport for NSW that a test is required to determine if a driver should continue to hold a heavy vehicle driving licence," he said.

In NSW, according to McMaster, MC licence holders are required to undergo an annual driving test once they reach the age of 70. “Other heavy vehicle licence holders from LR to HC must do likewise annually from the age of 80.”

(Image: Australian Road Transport Industrial Organisation NSW Secretary/Treasurer, Hugh McMaster.)

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