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Removal of regulatory impediments to supply chain welcome: ALC

The decision to see the Deregulation Taskforce take on a national leadership role in supporting the removal of regulatory impediments to supply chain efficiency has been applauded by the Australian Logistics Council (ALC).

Prime Minister Scott Morrison's commitment today to focusing on regulatory burdens that increase cost and compliance burdens on businesses that operate across multiple jurisdictions was viewed as a vital step towards economic recovery according to the ALC.

Following on from recent discussions between the ALC's Infrastructure & Regulation Policy Committee and representatives of the Deregulation Taskforce, Kirk Coningham ALC CEO said the announcement that the Taskforce will operate within the Prime Minister's own department was significant and offered a potential future mandate for eventually deploying telemetry technology to collect data from heavy vehicle movements.

“ALC agrees with the Prime Minister’s observation that many of our laws have not kept pace with the development of technology. There are numerous opportunities within the freight and logistics sector to more effectively deploy technology to advance the efficiency, safety and visibility of freight movement,” he said.

“Over many years, ALC has recommended that the collection of telematics data in heavy vehicles be made mandatory. Telematics devices should be used to record data regarding longitude, latitude, speed, date and time of speeding events, as well as engine on/off data,” said Coningham.

“Given the cost of telematic equipment continues to fall and its numerous safety and productivity benefits, mandating telematics devices in heavy vehicles is a reform that should be prioritised – not merely for improved safety outcomes, but also to inform better infrastructure planning and investment decisions.”

The ALC also commended the Prime Minister for his observation regarding changes made during the pandemic in which "freight vehicles were allowed to resupply along roads and during hours where they were previously banned.

"And the sun came up the next day,” said Morrison.

According to Coningham, this was one of the key lessons learned during the pandemic as it reinforced the ALC's stance that the removal of delivery curfews instituted in response to the COVID-19 pandemic should, subsequently, be made permanent.

“COVID-19 has given Australians a renewed understanding of how vital the efficient and safe operation of supply chains is for households and businesses. Governments have a responsibility to ensure that going forward, logistics operators have the operational flexibility they need to get the job done and keep supporting Australia’s economic recovery," he said.

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