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Target Transport Services specifies cab-over Isuzu

Queensland-based asphalt cartage specialist, Target Transport Services, has expanded its fleet with an Isuzu FYX 350-350.

The new Isuzu truck has six-speed Allison automatic transmission and features a push floor with a large ram blade to press the load of asphalt from the rear of the vehicle.

Target Transport Services can deliver asphalt where most other trucks in the industry cannot go, according to Isuzu, such as under power lines, bridges and areas with challenging height restrictions.

"With the environments we work in, there are a lot of issues with overhead cables and power lines, as most of the trucks in the asphalt business are tippers," David Mills of Target Transport Services told Isuzu.

“For the work we do at Target Transport, we don’t use tippers and the benefit is that we can go under bridges and into carparks, park under cables, and we don’t have to worry about having to tip while on uneven ground.”

Four of the trucks in Mills' fleet have a modified tray with a moving floor system.

The commercial vehicle manufacturer said the FYX 35-350 has a load-sharing front suspension equaliser with shock absorber and is a popular truck model for heavy duty applications.

"The truck's Hendrickson HAS461 airbag suspension in the ear is also an absolute necessity," David Mills of Target Transport Services told Isuzu. "Half my work is on tonnage so the less weight on the truck, the more money I make."

Mills opted for an Isuzu truck with a cab-over design because they are better at spreading the load over the front axles for weight and are more maneuverable than bonneted trucks.

Target Transport Services's trucks work 24/7 according to Mills. The only downtime the company earns is four weeks over Christmas and when the rain hits. The trucks also see a service every six weeks.

With $23 billion in road investments set for the next few years, Target Transport Services, Isuzu said, can look forward to a busy period ahead.

“Any time you get on the road, you get caught up in roadworks, said Mills.

"Anywhere I’m going I think ‘Lord, more roadworks’," he said. “But then if there weren’t any roadworks, I wouldn’t be making any money.”

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