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Toll Group analysis finds one in five on-road fatalities due to ‘suicide by truck’

Transport and logistics company, Toll Group, contributed to a presentation on 'suicide by truck: a hidden occupational hazard' at the Transport Research Board (TRB) in Washington, US.

"In 2018 Toll analysed 10 years worth of fatalities data involving every on-road fatality with which Toll was involved (but not necessarily responsible for)," Toll said in a statement.

"The analysis unearthed a surprising result: that one in five of our on-road fatalities is likely to be suicide by truck, that is, a third party intentionally placed themselves in the path of our vehicle with the intention of ending their lives. The near-misses are unquantified. Vehicular suicides are removed from the road toll and, being hidden, are not generating policy interest and response.

"Toll’s groundbreaking research is the first to consider suicide by truck as an occupational hazard in Australia. It subverts the current paradigm that all road incidents are preventable."

Toll claims it has suggested ways to tackle this "complex, multi-sectoral problem". 

The TRB is reported to provide innovative, research-based solutions to improve transportation. TRB is a program unit of the not-for-profit organisation, National Academy of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine.

TRB held its 99th annual meeting on 12-16 January.

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