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UD eight wheeler set to arrive in Australia

UD has sent a strong signal as to its intention to gain a competitive edge in the Australian and New Zealand markets with the announcement that an 8x4 version of the already popular Quon will be hitting our shores around the middle of the year.

The 11-tonne load sharing front suspension on the 8x4 Quon draws from the Australian spec eight-wheel Volvo FM and as part of the global Volvo Group, UD engineers in Japan were able to turn to the CAST (Common Architecture and Shared Technology) program for items such as fuel tanks and battery boxes from other parts of the group.

“The main driver for this project has been identifying the opportunities to expand the Quon offer outside of Japan and the 8x4 sector showed the biggest numbers in terms of opportunity,” said David Moore, UD Vice President – Technology Product Project at UD Trucks’ Ageo facility near Tokyo.

UD engineers have managed to pare the tare weight of the 8x4 cab-chassis down to 8,005kgs (a mere 5kgs over the eight tonne target) without compromising durability and the non-use of inner chassis liners has avoided the weight and corrosion issues that typically affect double skinned rails.

The 8x4 Quon uses a leaf spring suspension on the front with an eight bag air suspension at the rear.

A rear leaf suspension was also considered but a challenge was to get to a road friendly solution.

Air suspension offers more stability and an improved ride.

While also fractionally lighter, it has proven itself in roadtrain applications at gross vehicle weights of more than 100 tonnes.

The 8x4 CG Quon has been engineered with large capacity airlines and valves on the suspension which provides more effective electronic stability control (ESC).

This is the first installation of an Allison transmission coupled to the eight litre engine that powers the Quon. 

The transmission is controlled by the familiar Allison touch pad mounted on the console in a convenient position for the driver.

As the auto and engine work well together, the effectiveness of the two stage exhaust/engine brake will be enhanced by the downshifting of the transmission to maintain exhaust pressure.

Three wheelbases will be initially available in 5,700mm and 5,200mm and 4,500mm which is the most common length for Australian concrete agitator trucks, with the longer versions suitable for other transport sectors using the 8x4 configuration such as crane trucks and refrigerated transport.

(Image: UD Quon 8x4 agitator)

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