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Volvo announces month long shutdown

Australian manufacturing at Volvo Group Australia's Wacol plant in Brisbane will be temporarily suspended on all truck production.

The move announced by the company comes in response to the COVID-19 crisis with the closure effective from 13 April.

Manufacturing of Volvo and Mack commercial vehicles will resume on 10 May, Volvo announced today in a statement.

President and CEO of Volvo Group Australia, Martin Merrick said the company had successfully implemented social distancing and hygiene initiatives throughout its
business and to keep the factory running.

COVID-19 had made a considerable impact, however, in limiting supply chains around the world.

"Our supply chain is no exception," said Merrick.

“The decision to idle our factory due to global supply chain disruptions will not only serve to
secure our business over the long term, it will also serve to support the 90 plus suppliers that
in turn support our supply chain,” he said.

“Volvo Group Australia is committed to supporting a safe, sustainable, efficient and productive
transport and manufacturing industry locally. We are committed to customer success and
acknowledge the challenges faced by our business partners in these uncertain times.”

The decision does not affect the operation of Volvo Group Australia’s private and
company owned workshops and service agents who will be continuing to support its truck and
bus customers.

Merrick said Volvo's National Parts Distribution Centre in Sydney would continue to operate
as normal, supporting thr dealer network and its customers.

“We are committed to playing our part in supporting the transport industry during these
challenging times," said Merrick.

“We have put in place social distancing and hygiene measures at all sites
to combat the spread of COVID-19. We are servicing our truck and bus customers who are
ensuring essential supplies and essential workers reach their destinations safely”.

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