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Volvo pushes B-triple to limit in Australian outback

Brisbane-based truck maker, Volvo, while testing the outer limits of its heavy haulage componentry in the Northern Territory reported the findings from a recent collision.

As its group of 40 engineers sought the most challenging terrain for both man and commercial vehicle, the company made note of impact resistance on a Volvo FH16 when it hit an animal late at night on the Barkly Highway.

The vehicle proved how much damage it was possible to take while remaining operational.

As it will often provide support to other markets when it comes to torture testing components destined for other parts of the globe, the local Volvo team were evaluating a European spec Euro 6 16 litre engine with a 131 tonne triple roadtrain in use by Simons National Carriers.

According to Volvo, under international engineering cooperation, the Australian team were pushing the continental power plant out of its Northern Hemisphere comfort zone when it hit a cow south east of Three Ways junction.

The resulting cow-related collision damaged much of the cab structure around the engine and even relocated some of the cooling package.

Post-collision both drivers inspected the damage and reported that no coolant had been lost and the major components of the cooling system remained

Even so, the Volvo FH16 was subsequently able to drive the remaining 18 hours to Darwin, completing the trip before heading to the local dealership for

In Darwin the truck received a new cooling package, including the air-conditioning condenser and gearbox cooler.

Both bent front cab shockmounts were also replaced as well as an electrical repair to the throttle assembly.

Once back in Brisbane the truck received further repairs in the form of a new Wild-bar and some new panel work.

"The impact with over half a tonne of bolting beef failed to damage the chassis or steering components of the FH," Volvo said in a statement.

"Not a bad testament to the strength and durability of the Volvo FH at all."

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