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VTA supports changes to Victorian Road Safety Act to secure movement of freight

The Victorian Transport Association (VTA) has supported changes to the Victorian Road Safety Act that will safeguard and secure the movement of freight during a time of unprecedented consumer demand.

The changes, together with an initiative announced earlier this week by Victorian Planning Minister Richard Wynne, follow strong advocacy from the VTA and other industry groups to ensure the movement of essential goods on roads throughout the state.

VTA CEO, Peter Anderson, said concessions the Association achieved from local councils – with the backing of the Victorian Government – for heavy vehicle curfews to be eased have now been formally gazetted, and the Road Safety Act changed accordingly.

“This means that any driver engaged in the delivery of food or personal hygiene products to retail outlets are permitted to use roads that display a ‘no trucks’ sign at any time of the day, and that any driver that has stopped in a loading zone to collect or deliver goods from a retail outlet may remain there for as long as it takes to complete the delivery or drop off,” said Anderson.

These changes are in place until 21 September 2020.

Anderson also noted the approval by Victorian Planning Minister Richard Wynne of new rules exempting essential businesses from existing noise restrictions.

“This will allow for 24-hour dispatch and delivery until the current State of Emergency is lifted, and for three months after. It applies to the dispatch and delivery of goods including food, drink, groceries, medicine and cleaning and personal protection products,” he said

Warehouses, factories and farms are also covered by the exemption, enabling them to also deliver specified goods around the clock.

“Both initiatives were advocated for to help supermarkets, hospitals, pharmacies and other essential businesses to meet the significant demand pressures brought about by the coronavirus, and we appreciate the Victorian Government’s receptiveness to changes to ensure uninterrupted access to the goods Victorians need,” said Anderson.

“The VTA and Victorian Waste Management Association are currently advocating for a relaxation of access times for waste and recycling vehicles that are currently in place by local councils and will keep members up to date on this issue.”

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