Peter Garske: CEO Queensland Trucking Association

Peter Garske, Chief Executive of the Queensland Trucking Association (QTA), has no qualms about pointing out the organisation’s “exceptional track record” in delivering for the industry, but he is humble enough to attribute that success to a team effort rather than to himself as an individual.

But, while he has much praise for the small, professional, group of staff working behind the scenes, he is also well aware that, as the front man, he has to display a strong personality.

“Those that know me well would say I have an ego that won’t fit through the front door,” he explains. While some mistake that confidence for arrogance, it is his sure footedness that has helped him stand his ground working with Government boards, committees, advisory groups and other associations around the country.

“I seek, and my Board encourages me to seek, a leadership role in industry,” he says. “The more boards and committees I’m on, the greater exposure this industry has to those that regulate it and the greater the opportunity for this Association to influence outcomes.”

According to Peter, his approach to working with Government is one of partnership – extending to both the current Government and opposition shadow ministers. “In my view it differentiates QTA in the political lobby field,” he says.

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