ProNav PNN200

Life on the road for truckies in Australia just got easier as ProNav Australia has launched the ProNav PNN200 GPS for trucks range, the first turn-by-turn navigation system for all large vehicles.
The ProNav PNN200 unit offers the most cost effective GPS navigation solution for professional drivers in Australia.

“The PNN200 shares the load for truckies and takes the weight off in terms of route planning for Australia’s commercial trucking industry”, comments Andrew McGregor of ProNav Australia. “GPS units have largely ignored the needs of large vehicle users until now, but ProNav is dedicated to making life easier for operators and with the PNN200 costing under $500, it’s now the most competitively priced truck GPS on the market.”

Developed by Navevo, the UK’s leading specialist GPS software developer, the ProNav PNN200 uses NAVTEQ Transport data and has a 4.3 inch touch screen TFT display allowing users to enter a vehicle’s vital statistics, including weight, axle weight, height, length and width. Combined with the load being carried, the unit uses this data to ensure drivers do not travel down unsuitable narrow roads, encounter low bridges or weight restrictions. It is designed specifically for all large vehicles including trucks, RVs, trailers, buses, vans, caravans, heavy goods vehicles or commercial vehicles. 

Its features include:
• Hazard warnings for steep hills, crosswinds, risk of grounding, sharp bends and other vehicle specific hazards;
• FM transmitter sends turn-by-turn voice instructions to a vehicle’s radio for improved audibility;
• Text to speech provides clear voice instructions including local road names;
• Audible and visual warnings of fixed safety cameras (speed cameras);
• Easy to read icons for obstacles to planned route;
• Easy to use interface with a 4.3” colour touch screen; and
• Bluetooth to make and receive hands-free calls.

The system’s NAVTEQ Transport data incorporates more than 20 truck-specific map attributes from across the region’s extensive road network. This includes the physical and legal restrictions that commercial drivers must avoid while offering the best route to ensure destinations are reached on time. The PNN200 covers all the major highways throughout Australia, with additional coverage in Australia’s major metro areas.

A suction cup mount is provided to position the PNN200 anywhere on the windscreen, with quick release for stowing while not in use. There is also a 24/12V in-truck charger to power the unit whilst on the move, along with a USB cable.

ProNav’s PNN200 GPS model is available from WOW, Harvey Norman and independent transport specialists with a RRP of $499.95 including GST.

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