Heavy-duty equipment specialist SAF-Holland has worked in conjunction with CMV Laverton and Volvo to develop an Australian safety first, the Holland Remote Controlled Safety System (RECOSS) integrated dash system for coupling security.

The RECOSS is factory integrated and available for all Volvo FM models with DID, combined with the SAF-Holland G36/G36L fifth wheels.

SAF-Holland said the RECOSS makes coupling faster and more comfortable, with the entire process able to be monitored from the cockpit. Three sensors monitor the fifth wheel electronically and indicate its status visually and acoustically through the integrated dashboard display, showing if the fifth wheel is in contact with the skid plate, and in a locked or unlocked position.

“The Holland G36 already has the lightest pull to release handle in the industry, and with the RECOSS in dash system it is the safest and most OH&S conscious fifth wheel on the Australian market,” said SAF-Holland Australia Managing Director, Nick Stavrakis.

According to Stavrakis, the RECOSS was developed in response to requests from safety-conscious high-consequence goods carrier, FBT Transwest.

According to FBT Transwest Managing Director, Cameron Dunn, the Melbourne-based business will now specify the RECOSS in all new Volvo FM prime movers it purchases.

“We work in partnership with SAF-Holland and Volvo because their developments are underpinned by a drive for safety that mirrors our own,” said Dunn.

“To Volvo and SAF-Holland, safety is not just a catchphrase, it is an underlying philosophy that is proven time and time again with innovative product developments like the RECOSS.”

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